Cuyler Prichard

Wealth Integration Specialist & Wealth Coach

Cuyler is a licensed Financial Planning Specialist who works to enliven the mission and goals of our clients. It is his passion to walk with people as they engage their story and activate their wealth.  

Cuyler approaches wealth holistically and considers our client’s beliefs, values, and behavior. He strives to help transform client beliefs around wealth from a mindset of scarcity and fear – to one of hope, contentment, and generosity. Cuyler will tell you that he believes that “wealth touches every area of life, and that wealth is more than just dollar signs and affects more than bank account totals. Managing wealth pulls at every string of life; our work, family, relationships, and well-being.” 

Cuyler is married to Lauren, and they live in Sterling, Kansas with their four kids, Ellie, Judah, Nora, and Jenna. The Prichard family enjoys walks, soccer, impromptu dance parties and the local pizzeria. Cuyler and his bride especially enjoy late-night coffee conversations after the kids are finally in bed (their favorite coffee is Table Coffee Roasters). 

 Cuyler has a B.S. in Business Administration from Sterling College and a Master of Christian Ministry from Emmanuel Christian Seminary.  

 Cuyler is licensed to do business in MN, KS, and TX. 

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