Contributors: Alyssa Davis

Cleaning and organizing is a practice, not a project.

Meagan Francis

“MORA” cleaning, please!

Our team had the joy of helping one of our community partners with some yard clean-up. Mount Olivet Rolling Acres (MORA) is one of the top providers of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. MORA offers day-programs, in-home services and even a long-term residential program. Each year, we get to visit a few MORA neighborhood homes and help with some spring cleaning.

We got some fresh air, we got to see immediate progress and we got to be together with co-workers (it’s been over a year!). It felt SO good!

Our spring cleaning day prompted us to share some tips and tricks if you’re tidying up at home.

Document Retention 

Old papers or warranties taking up space? Outdated receipts littering the bottom of your purse? Let’s talk about how long you actually need to hold on to important documents: 

We understand that cleaning out old files can create piles of paper that you should dispose of securely. Our office is happy to support your spring-cleaning progress by offering onsite shredding. Please call our office at (952) 475-9700 to connect with Alyssa Davis for a drop-off date and time.

Around the House 

There’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean, organized home. Here are some handy hacks to help declutter and reorganize: 

Donation Locations 

Now that you’ve decluttered, what do you do with all of the things you no longer need? Check out these local and national organizations that will happily take your extra furniture, house supplies, and more and give them a new life: